Monday, June 15, 2015

One Crazy Day of MS Activities...

Today was a majorly hectic day for Manufactured Spend activities for me.

  • It all started with this post from Doctor of Credit.  eBay was offering 20% off any item with a maximum discount of $80.
    • I tried to buy eBay gift cards, but PayPal hates me, sometimes.  I wasn't able to buy anything sold by PayPal.  Instead I bought $400 of Staples gift cards sold by Gift Card Mall for $330.32 which is 17.4% off because of shipping fees.  
      • I also earned $6.60 in eBay Bucks and $3.63 from Top Cashback.  That was a great start to the day!
      • The deal went dead before I could post about it.  It came back again, but died very quickly again

  • 2 Serve Reloads at Family Dollar
    • More on that in a later post

  • I earned $6.00 a gallon in fuel points from Stop and Shop via $2,000 of Amazon and eBay Gift Cards, putting my total fuel points at $12 a gallon off.
    • I will use the eBay Gift Cards the next time I am targeted for increased eBay Bucks.
    • I maxed out my NBA card bonuses along the way.  That's $175 on top of the fuel points.

  • I paid $0.59 a gallon for gas tonight after $2.20 a gallon off from fuel points
    • I only used 14 gallons.  The gas station attendant saw how cheap the gas was and asked if he could fill up his car.  No problem!  I even earned 5% cashback on the gas he paid me for in cash!

After the Staples gift cards, everything was done after a full day of work!