Saturday, June 13, 2015

Money Metagame adds a New Tool to Digital Gift Card Reselling

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while someone adds a tool that makes everyone's manufactured spending life a little easier.

Noah from Money Metagame has put together a list of gift card brands that can be sold digitally through SaveYa.  This will save you the time of trying to dummy sell your card on SaveYa to see how it will be accepted.

Let's take a quick peak at some of the other tools I use frequently:

Gift Card Buying and Reselling:

Gift Card Granny vs. Gift Card Wiki - two sites that give mostly up to date lists of gift card prices when you are buying or reselling.

Shopping Portals:

Cashback Monitor vs. Cashbackholic - updated list of shopping portal payouts.
Frequent Miler Labs - updated list of transactions with shopping portals and whether the portal paid out.  Used for purchases of gift cards and purchases made with gift cards, etc.

Do you use any other tools?  Comment below