Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Bit the Bullet and Applied for the AMEX NBA Card

HT: Doctor of Credit

I kept watching as Doctor of Credit discussed the American Express NBA card.  I have enough credit cards, right!?

At first, the card offered 5% cashback everywhere with no limits during the week of NBA finals and the All Star break but there was an annual fee that wasn't waived ($50). I'll pass.

Next, the annual fee was waived forever if you apply before 6/30/2015 along with a $100 sign up bonus for spending $500 in 3 months. Getting warmer.

Then, Simply Best Coupons times their American Express Gift Card offer to coincide with the 5% of the card. That's pretty good.

Man, I was missing out, but I have enough cards right!? 

Well, now they are offering $50 for spending $250 at gas and groceries from June 4th to June 18th(normally 2%) which stacks with the other 5% offer.  I buy a lot groceries (also known as Visa Gift Cards) so combine this with the $100 sign up bonus and that's a very lucrative $250 purchase.

Don't forget about 5% cashback at Serve for the week of the finals (assuming it isn't a cash advance - not sure about that). 

Also, it is an American Express card so it is eligible for American Express promotions, like Small Business Saturday.   There is a 4 card limit to AMEX cards issued by AMEX.  This card isn't issued by American Express (payments are processed through AMEX network only) so it doesn't count towards your limit of 4 cards.

So, I applied today for myself and my wife and I was approved.  I'm pretty excited and I now see that I have absolutely no will power when it comes to credit cards ;)