Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gift Card Wiki is Really Powerful!

Update:  After posting on Twitter, Chasing the Points pointed out that I may have the incorrect filter.  When I changed on Raise from View 25 to View All, the higher denomination gift cards showed up as well. I don't know why they don't show up when you filter based on value.  I would think the highest denominations would be in the top Top 25 when you filter based on value, but for some reason they are not.  Lesson learned, always change to view all when on Raise

Recently, Miles to Memories introduces Gift Card Wiki to the blogosphere.  See here and here.

I tried it and saw that some information was not updated yet and good old Gift Card Granny was more correct.  I concluded that for now I need to check both to be sure because others were still having more success with Gift Card Wiki.

This morning, I saw how powerful Gift Card Wiki is.

I was searching for some Staples discount gift cards.  I went directly to Raise to see their prices.
I like to buy my gift cards off of Raise because they allow me to use American Express Gift Cards.  This adds an extra 1.9% cashback to the transaction (2.25% from Top Cashback with free shipping minus activation fees).

Raise showed me that I could buy Staples Gift Cards for 6.9% off, but the highest denomination was $100

That's a nice discount, but I like high denomination gift cards since Staples only allows 5 gift cards per transaction.

I checked Gift Card Wiki and this is what I saw:

Wow!  All these high denomination gift cards showed up from Raise.

I clicked on one (The second to last one) and it took me directly to that gift card on Raise

I was able to add it to my cart.  Wow!  Even raise couldn't find that card and Gift Card Wiki found it!
I didn't buy it yet so that I could see if Gift Card Granny could do the same.

I then went to Gift Card Granny to see if I could duplicate the success.

Here is what I see:

They also found high denomination gift cards, including the same one I clicked on before.

When I clicked on it from Gift Card Granny, instead of taking me directly to the gift card, it took me to Raise's site with all of their Staples Gift Cards.

Once again, Raise couldn't find anything higher than $100.

Gift Card Wiki was more powerful than Gift Card Granny and even Raise in finding Raise Gift Cards.  It isn't perfect, but it is a great tool to check.