Thursday, June 4, 2015

Double Discover Rewards Applies to Discover Deals and Sign up Bonus - Call or Sign up via Chat Online - New and Existing Cardholders

HT - Frequent Miler

Earlier this week, Discover announced a wonderful new promotion where they would double your rewards for 12 consecutive billing cycle months.  This is open to new and existing accounts.

Many existing cardholders have called and easily added the promotion.  Definitely true.

I abhor talking to people so it was nice to know you can chat with Discover through your online account to add the promotion.

Discover Deals Doubled

While I was chatting, I figured I would ask about Discover Deals as well. Check out Frequent Miler's post for why this is pretty amazing.

 Here is their response:

It's nice to have it confirmed in writing, but I don't know if it will help in 13 months if Discover decides to not honor what their customer service rep says.

Sign up Bonus Doubled Too

Reader Dustin on Frequent Miler says that even the sign up bonus is doubled.   They don't care about the source of your rewards, as long as you earn rewards they will be doubled.

Find yourself someone who can refer you for the $50 sign up bonus and $50 may turn into $100 in 13 months!  Here is my referral link, feel free to post yours in the comment section.