Monday, June 22, 2015

Cardpool 5% off any Gift Card - Targeted - A Possible Tip

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This morning I received a surprise email from Cardpool, which offered a coupon code for 5% off any gift card.  $10 max savings.  The email is definitely targeted. 

Some Background and a Tip

On Saturday night, I tried to buy a Target gift card from Cardpool.  I used an AMEX gift card to pay like I would on Raise.  I was promptly rejected.  I forgot that you can't use AMEX gift cards on Cardpool (It might work if you register your address over the phone).

I then left the gift cards in my shopping cart and didn't think about it again

This morning, I got the targeted email.

My recommention:  "Buy" a gift card with an AMEX gift card or any card that will be rejected.  Leave the cards in your cart and hope you get targeted too.

I don't know that this will work, but it can't hurt.

I was able to buy Staples gift cards at about 11% off and Walmart gift cards at about 8.5% off and I still get another 2% for using my Fidelity American Express.  Not too shabby!

Don't have a Cardpool Account?  I would appreciate it if you signed up for an account through my affiliate link.  I will receive $5 if you sign up.