Friday, June 26, 2015

Brooks Brothers 10x United Miles Today and Semi Annual Sale - $50 off $200 with American Express Offers for You + Extra 5% off Gift Cards from Raise

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HT - Robert Dwyer on Twitter

Recently, I posted a deal to buy and resell Brooks Brothers gift cards.  That worked out very well for those who jumped on it quickly.  I don't recommend that anymore as the buying prices have dropped closer to 73% and will likely drop further.

However, if you shop at Brooks Brothers, today is a fantastic time to do it.

Here's the low down:

1) American Express has an "Offers for You" of $50 off $200 at Brooks Brothers
2) United Shopping Portal is offering 10 miles per dollar spent at Brooks Brothers
3) Raise is offering an extra 5% off Brooks Brothers gift cards with promo code TAKE5.  Currently about 10.5% before the 5% discount
4) Brooks Brothers semi annual Sale is going on now - 40% off most items

Assuming you spent exactly $200, here is the breakdown

~$120 for $200 of merchandise (~$170 for the gift card and $50 off from American Express).
2,000 United Miles

Remember, eGift Cards won't qualify for shopping portal money so don't buy an eGift Card trying to get a double dip.  It's too late to buy a physical card for that either.

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