Monday, May 18, 2015

Time for Me to Close My Santander Extra20 Accounts - No More Pajama Money :(

I recently signed up for a Santander Extra 20 savings and checking account.  The account offers $20 a month for free that can be automated via ACH Bank Transfers as laid out by Doctor of Credit.

I noticed that last month there was a change in what ACH bank transfers looked like and I hypothesized that Santander might stop paying account bonuses for ACH transfers instead of real direct deposits.  Unfortunately, it seems like I am correct, at least on my account.

I didn't change anything for last month.  My transfers from my Schwab account went through normally, my bill pays went through, but I never got my $20 bonus.  Argh!

Here is a picture of my online account from tonight:

I guess it's time to close the account.  This was one of my favorite accounts because it was automated pajama money.  Oh well, time to change from RedBird back to Serve!

Check out your accounts, has the same thing happened to you?