Friday, May 29, 2015

Only Received 2/3 Staples Gift Cards from eBay? Wait a Day and then Contact the Seller

There have been quite a few reports on Slickdeals (read the comments) of people buying 3 $75 staples gift cards from eBay (through PayPal) yesterday and today and only receiving 2 out of 3.  This happened to me as well.

I have also previously bought discount eBay gift cards and not received them in my email at all.

First of all, always keep track of your purchases.  Easier said than done.

Second, what should you do now?

The gift cards aren't late until 24 hrs after you bought them so be a little patient.  If 24 hrs pass, you can log into your eBay account and contact the seller.  Let them know what happened and hopefully they will resend the email.  PayPal was really good about resending the email to me previously.