Monday, May 4, 2015

My Gift Card Haul and Loving SaveYa

Recently, eBay has had some great gift card deals.  See here and here.  Here is a recap of what I was able to buy with 2 paypal accounts (mine and my wife's).   These deals are especially great for meeting credit card minimums.

$500 of TGI Fridays gift cards resold for $405.     I paid $400 for the gift card.  +$5
$500 of Cabela's gift cards resold for $407.50.      I paid $400 for the gift card   +$7.50
$200 of Babies R us cards resold for $163.            I paid $160 for the gift card   +$3
$150 of Lowe's gift cards resold for  $123.            I paid $120 for the gift card   +$3

Resell cash -  $11.

eBay Bucks - $21.60 towards future purchases ($1,080 * 2%)

Top Cashback - $16.20 ($1,080 *1.5%)

Credit Card cashback - $21.60 ($1,080 * 2%)

Total = $48.80 + $21.60 towards future purchases.   In addition, I am now $1,080 closer towards a spending minimum.

SaveYa = Secure Pajama Money

One of the problems with reselling is making sure the cards get to the company who is buying the cards.  The cards are usually sent via regular mail.  What happens if the company doesn't ever get the cards, or worse, what if someone at the company steals the cards and drains them quickly?  It will be a big pain.

SaveYa changes that.  SaveYa seems to buy everything for the highest price according to Gift Card Granny.  Also, instead of having to send in the cards, SaveYa buys the cards with just the card number and PIN.  You can keep the cards at home.  There is no chance for the cards to get lost or stolen.  SaveYa turns easy money into Pajama Money!

Check out Noah at Money Metagame for some interesting info about SaveYa