Thursday, May 21, 2015

Missed Out on Chase Bonus? Send a Secure Message

This is not new information, in fact I even talked about it myself back in 2013, but it is always worth a reminder.

If you signed up for a Chase credit card in the last 90 days and the sign up bonus increased, you can send a secure message to Chase and they will match the new bonus.

Recently, the bonus for the Chase Ink Plus increased from 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points to 60,000 points as long as you applied in a Chase branch (online offer had an annual fee the first year).

I signed up for this card for my brother (shhh!) before the new bonus started so I sent a secure message that read the following:

I recently signed up for the Chase Ink Plus card with a 50,000 Ultimate Rewards sign up bonus. Very soon after that, a few friends of mine told me that they were offered the same care with 60,000 Ultimate rewards as a sign up bonus when they signed up in a branch I also see that it is 60,000 online now . Can I please be matched the extra 10,000 ultimate rewards? Thank you.

I received a message the following day that said:

Dear *******,
Thank you for your contacting Chase with the recent inquiry regarding the 60,000 point enrollment bonus offer.
I am pleased to inform you that we will be honoring the 60,000 bonus rewards offer as long as you meet the eligibility requirement for your original offer which is to earn 50,000 reward points after spending $5,000.00 within the first 3 months following account opening. 
Once you meet the $5,000.00 spend threshold, I request youto please reply to this email via the secure message center or call us at the customer service number listed below we will add the additional 10,000 reward points to your account to match the 60,000 new account offer.
If you have any further questions, please reply using the Secure Message Center. 
Thank you,
********Customer Service Specialist