Sunday, May 3, 2015

Maximizing the Sam's Club Offer - 75% off Mastercard Gift Cards!

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Sam's Club and American Express came out with an incredible offer on Friday.  $20 off a $20 Sam's Club online purchase!

I have enrolled 34 cards into this offer so I have $680 to play with.  I'd like to milk this as much as possible!

I just enrolled a card this morning so it isn't too late.

Sam's Club Membership

Anyone can shop at Sam's Club online including non members but non members pay an extra 10% fee.

If you have a few cards enrolled in this offer, it's probably wise to become a Sam's Club member, which is probably why they have this promotion in the first place.  If your address is in California, a guest membership does not incur the 10% fee.

Best bet is via Groupon.  $45 for membership that comes with a $20 Sam's Club gift card.

Start your shopping at Ebates and you will get 6% cashback on the purchase as well.

Visa Gift Cards at Sam's Club

Once you are member, you can head on over to Sam's Club's website.  The easiest thing to do is to buy specific Mastercard Gift Cards there.  The Anne Geddes Vanilla Mastercard cost $52.38 for a $50 Mastercard gift card, which is $1.50 off the regular price.

Sam's club also allows you to pay with multiple credit cards at once, so you can get $20 off twice on the same gift card for a total savings of $40 on a $52.38 purchase!  That's over 75% off to use anywhere!  Keep in mind that the price in the picture is without a Sam's Club Membership.

Issues with the Deal

Some sites have been reporting that all purchases have been coding as Sam's Club Photo which is specifically excluding.  Miles to Memories reports that they are now being coded correctly.  As far as I am aware, no one has gotten the congratulation email from Amex saying that they will get the $20 credit.