Monday, May 11, 2015

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi +Cellular 64GB - $592 at Sam's Club Until 10am Monday

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Update: Be Frugal portal posted cashback at 4% for electronics!  0% cashback for gift cards, not surprising on that one.  This particular deal is dead.

There are going to be quite a few Sam's Club posts from me in the next couple of days.  This one is out of order, but it is expiring soon so here it is.

Sam's Club is offering the iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular 64Gb for $592 until 10am on Monday (tomorrow).

Limit of 2 per member

Staples price is $659
Amazon Price is $705

If you have American Express cards that are eligible for $20 off $20 purchases at Sam's Club, make sure to use those.  2 credit cards can be used per order so you can get $40 off per purchase.

Best Way to Buy

1) Start your purchase from Top Cashback and you will get 1% cashback for electronics, which is almost $6 in this case.  Normal cashback is 4% but electronics say 1%

2) Start your purchase from Be Frugal and you may get 4% cashback.  There is no lower amount from electronics but I have a feeling that you will still only get 1%.  Who knows, maybe you will get the full 4%.  That's $35, not too shabby if it comes through.

If you have a few American Express cards enrolled in the Sam's Club offer, it's probably wise to become a Sam's Club member, which is probably why they have this promotion in the first place.  If your address is in California, a guest membership does not incur the 10% fee.

Best bet is via Groupon.  $45 for membership that comes with a $20 Sam's Club gift card.

Start your shopping at Ebates and you will get 6% cashback on the purchase as well.