Sunday, May 17, 2015

eBay Payout on Top Cashback Down to 1.1%

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Top Cashback has lowered the cashback earning rate on eBay to 1.1%.  Previously, it has been 1.5%.

This is a big hit for those who buy a lot of items on eBay.  This is especially true if you buy eBay gift cards because most of the time you can double dip the Top Cashback payout.   Usually, you get paid when you buy an eBay gift card (even though the terms exclude it) and when you use the eBay gift card to buy something else.

For me, this will be bad when I am churning discount gift cards but I also buy a lot of merchandise on eBay to resell. Cuts your profit margin by 0.4%.

Oh well, I'll live.