Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Best Way to Buy Mastercard Gift Cards at Sam's club - Hint: Use Gift Cards

Recently, I have been discussing Sam's Club a lot because of their offer with American Express cards for $20 off a $20 purchase.

I became a Sam's Club member with great success so that I could avoid the 10% fee for buying online without a membership.

One of the best ways to maximize this deal is to buy a $50 Mastercard gift card for $12.68 with 2 American Express cards after fees

The $20 credits for buying these have already begun posting to accounts 2 days after buying them

Doctor of Credit has pointed out that they are now out of stock.  Don't worry yet, as long as the offer is added to your American Express card you have until the end of September to spend the money so you can wait to see if it comes back in stock. 

Using Gift Cards to Maximize the Deal
I didn't realize at the time but Sam's Club Gift Cards can be used to buy the Mastercard gift cards online.  You can combine 2 credit cards and gift cards so you can use any gift cards you already have (think Groupon deal).

Walmart and Sam's Club are owned by the same company.   Walmart gift cards work on the Sam's Club website.  According to Gift Card Granny, you can buy Walmart gift cards for 3-3.5% off.

Assuming you buy them with a Fidelity American Express Credit Card (or other 2% card) or American Express Gift Card which you bought with a 2% card (let's call that 3% after fees), you can save an additional 5-6.5% off the remaining balance since you probably would have gotten 1% anyways.

This can be used to buy $100 gift cards going forward for manufactured spending, but the savings isn't great and dealing with $100 denominations is a pain.