Thursday, May 7, 2015

4% off $50 eBay Gift Cards - Limit of 6

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HT - Doctor of Credit

Update: It has been confirmed from multiple sources, see Cav on Doctor of Credit and the original Fatwallet thread, that the limit of 6 is inclusive of some previous deals.  If eBay does not let you buy 6 gift cards, try buying fewer.

eBay is selling $50 eBay Gift Cards for $48 (4% off) with a limit of 6 gift cards per person.

eBay gift cards are a great way of buying other discounted gift cards on eBay or merchandise.  Note that you do not earn eBay Bucks for buying eBay gift cards, but you do earn eBay Bucks for buying 3rd party gift cards.

Discounted gift cards are a great way to make some money that does add up over time and helps you get closer to spending thresholds.

In addition, you can buy eBay gift cards with gift cards so if you bought a $50 gift card for $45, you can now use $48 of your $50 gift card to pay for this gift card.  You will end up with one $50 gift card and one $48 gift card, while only paying $45.  Confusing but makes sense

Use a Chase Ink and you will likely get 5x points since it is sold by Paypal Digital Gifts.

Start your purchase at Top Cashback and you may get an extra 1.5% cashback.  Terms and conditions exclude eBay gift cards from 1.5%.  One time I didn't get the 1.5%, but lately I have been getting it every time.

Note - It is my theory that if you bought the previous gift cards for $45 that you are limited to 4 gift cards because every time I try to add more than 4 into my shopping card, I get this error: