Sunday, May 10, 2015

3x eBay Bucks for 2 Days - Targeted

Check your emails for an offer from eBay for extra eBay bucks.  One of my accounts was targeted and one was not.

3x eBay Bucks on any item $100 or more.  That means 6% back in eBay bucks because it is 3x the normal 2%.

-Max of $100 in eBay Bucks per transaction
-Max of $500 in eBay Bucks per Earn period

No eBay bucks given for eBay gift cards, but most other purchases earn them.  eBay bucks can be used for later purchases and can be very valuable, especially when buying discounted gift cards.

I've earned over $140 eBay bucks since April which I will be able to use starting July 3rd.  $100 of which was earned the last time my account was targeted for 4x eBay Bucks (8%).