Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogs and Resources I Follow/Use Everyday

Here is a list of the blogs I try to read everyday.  I use the app Feedly which automatically aggregates new posts and allows you to save posts to read for later.

  • Doctor of Credit - They have't been around for so long, but have quickly rose to the top of my list.
    • IMO, this is the most comprehensive blog in the manufactured spend world.
    • Specializes in bank bonuses and credit cards, but also talks about all financial topics related to credit, credit cards, manufactured spend and more.  Well worth your time.
    • Sign up for the newsletter (after every post) for the juicy deals that aren't for public consumption.
  • Frequent Miler - 1 post a day (usually), which is always worth a read
  • Big Habitat
    • Best website I know regarding reselling merchandise on Amazon for profit and miles.
  • Chasing the Points
    • Best website I know regarding reselling gift cards for profit and miles.  Doctor of Credit is also great for this
  • Frugal Hack
    • Just starting to read it, but me likes.
  • Miles to Memories
    • Great stuff overall
  • DansDeals
    • Most of my airline mile redemption knowledge is from here.  I don't talk about that much because I am not knowledgeable enough, but he is a great resource.
    • Jewish posts - large Jewish following so really great if you are into that.
    • DansDeals Forums - the best deals from the site are in the forums, not the main site.
    • A lot of random product deals you may be interested in.
  • The Free-Quent Flyer
    • Probably the most unique perspective out there about everything.   Doesn't post so frequently on the public blog, but always worth reading.
  • Travel with Grant
    • A nice smorgasbord of deals.  Covers AMEX offers for you very well