Wednesday, April 22, 2015

American Express Gift Cards 2.25% Cashback from Top Cashback - Today Only

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Recently, there have been a few increased payouts on American Express Gift Cards from the different portals.  Luckily, I was too lazy to order before so I can get some extra money now.  Competition among the sites is good for everyone! On a $10,000 order, this is an extra $75.  Not too shabby!

Until the rest of 4/22/2015, Top Cashback is offering 2.25% cashback for buying American Express Gift Cards.

 Business cards only! Personal gift cards are the standard 1.5% cashback.  Promo codes invalidate cashback and cashback is only for $2,000 denominations and below.

American Express Gift Cards are great for loading RedBird and regular spending.

No promo codes! Your cashback from Top Cashback will be invalidated.