Monday, April 20, 2015

American Express Gift Cards 2% Cashback Today Only on Ebates Mobile App

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HT - Miles Per Day via Doctor of Credit

Ebates mobile app will be giving 2% cashback on American Expre Gift Cards today. This is better than the usual 1.5% from Top Cashback and others. On a $10,000 order, you will earn an extra $50, which is nothing to sneeze at for doing the same amount of work.

Personal and business cards are eligible, promo codes invalidate cashback and cashback is only for $2,000 denominations and below.

American Express Gift Cards are great for loading RedBird and regular spending.

Feel free to use Miles Per Day's referral link or my referral link. $10 bonus for signing up and getting a $20 payout which you will likely get for this.