Thursday, April 30, 2015

American Express Business Gift Cards - Up to 2.1% Cashback This Wednesday from Simply Best Coupons

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HT: Frequent Miler Quick Deals

Simply Best Coupons will be giving 2% cashback on American Express Business Gift Cards on Wednesday (5/6/2015). That is better than the usual 1.5% from Top Cashback and others.

If you order $20,000 or more that day, even in multiple orders, your rate will increase to 2.1%.  If only I didn't order $16,000 worth last night at 1.5% :(   There is always next time.

American Express Gift Cards are great for loading RedBird and regular spending.

Feel free to use Frequent Miler's signup link or my referral link. You will get $5 and your referrer will get $5. In addition, your referrer will get 5% bonus on your purchases up to $50 so spread the love to others as well. Payouts start at $20.