Monday, April 13, 2015

2x $50 Sears Gift Cards for $40 each, 2x $75 eBay Gift Cards for $72 each

 Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Top Cashback, Ebates and eBay

Update: Sears gift cards are out of stock but you can still buy the eBay gift cards.

There are a bunch of eBay Gift Card deals going on now that can be used in multiple ways.

These deals are courtesy of Doctor of Credit and Miles to Memories 1 and Miles to Memories 2.  I recommend following both of their blogs, as they are both excellent.

I've been talking about a lot of eBay gift card deals lately.  That's because they are an easy and quick way to make some money, build up points, or easily hit a spending threshold.

Sears Gift Cards

  • 2 $75 eBay gift cards for $72 each.  4% off
    • Can be used to purchase other gift cards, but will be sent in the mail so it won't come fast enough for the Sears Gift Cards
    • Not eligible for eBay Bucks, but you will get eBay Bucks when you buy something else.
    • Start your purchase at Top Cashback and you may get an extra 1.5% cashback.  Terms and conditions exclude eBay gift cards from 1.5% and I have sometimes received cashback for it in the past.  Frequent Miler reports that readers have said that Ebates is more reliable.  I have no personal experience with this.

Purchases of eBay gift cards from Paypal Digital Gifts have been getting 5x Ultimate Rewards points from Chase Ink.  Other purchases sometimes have not been getting 5x.   Miles to Memories recommends buying a digital eBay gift cards from Paypal Digital Gifts to purchase your other eBay Gift cards so that you can be sure to get 5x for the purchase.  In this way, you can also double dip on the shopping portal money.