Thursday, April 30, 2015

1,000 Free American Airlines Miles Very Quickly

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I guess I'm a little late to this party.

Direct Link to offer

Watch a couple videos (you can skip to the end) and answer a few short questions and you will get 1,000 American Airlines miles.  This will also extend the life of all the miles in your account by another 18 months.  I actually did it while writing this post.

Answers to questions are

1) All Of The Above
2)  Iron
3) Flights
4) 25% Off
5) Dining Out
6) 6,700

There is a slight discrepancy between Mile Value who says it will take 3 minutes and Miles to Memories who says it will take 2 minutes.  I think it is somewhere in between :)

Bonus miles will be added to your account in 6 to 8 weeks.  Browse in incognito mode to earn miles for multiple accounts on one computer.