Sunday, March 15, 2015

Serve and Fidelity Becoming Best Buds - Buy a RedBird on Ebay!

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As reported in many Blogs over the weekend, starting April 16th you can no longer load funds to Serve via Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards.  American Express cards still work, but most do not earn any rewards for loading, though they may count towards minimum spending for sign up bonuses.

The one exception is the Fidelity American Express which is my favorite everyday expenses credit card.  If you still want Serve, you should get a Fidelity American Express.

Put Serve Aside and Get RedBird

In case you live near a Target, but not in a state that sell RedBird cards, you are in luck.  An entire business has sprung up on the internet of people buying temporary cards with $1 loading on them selling them on Ebay for $30-$50.

You will even get Ebay bucks for the purchase and 1.5% cashback from Top Cashback if you go there first.  I bought three myself for various family members.  It was quick and easy.  You will usually get a picture of the card the same day and that's all you need!  Here is one example for $37 until it is sold.  Update: Reader Coptermedic points out that Reddit User HonestlyTho has a very good reputation on Reddit and sells RedBirds on his site for $25.

If you have no other way of getting one, it's worth it.  1 month of loading RedBird with a Fidelity American Express will net you $100, $160 if you load via American Express Gift Cards at the current rate.

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