Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Register Your Visa Gift Cards with Go Wallet - My Phew Moment

I buy a lot of Visa Gift Cards for various reasons.  Some are for every day spending and some are for Manufactured Spending purposes.

When I get home from the store, the first thing I do is register the card on Go Wallet.  Well, sometimes it isn't the first thing I do ;)

Go Wallet is free software that tracks all of your Visa Gift Cards and automatically updates their balances, at least the ones issued by Metabank (think Gift Card Mall) and Sunrise Banks.  You can also save your name and address in your profile and register a card to add your name and address for online purchases.

Thankfully I Registered My Cards!

A couple of weeks ago I logged in to my account and I saw that I had two old Visa Gift Cards with $500 on each card.  It shows the last four digits and I started searching through my box of old gift cards to see if I could find them, but they were missing!  Manufactured spending has big time allotments with razor thin margins.  If you lose $1,000 that can really set your profits back a few months.

I called up Gift Card Mall (888-524-1283) and told them I lost two cards.  Within 5 minutes they were able to look up the gift cards through my name ("You have a lot of gift cards with us!").  The cards were "retired" and new ones were sent out to me within a week.  Phew!