Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Folding Chairs Purchase

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Raise, Ebates, Discover, ExtraBux and Top Cashback

Recently, I was voluntold to buy 15 folding chairs for my local basement, I mean Synagogue. The budget I was given was $20 a chair and the only requirement was a chair with a cushion.  I will show you the process I went through to buy the chairs.  The numbers are slightly different compared to last week, but the process is the same.

Where to buy from?

The first place I check is almost always Google Shopping.  I typed in "Folding Chair Cushion" and this is what popped up.

I clicked on the one that said $14.99 to see what the breakdown was and this is what I saw:

At first I chose Sears because it was even cheaper, but it was out of stock.  Next I went to Kmart assuming I can get free shipping because I was spending a lot of money.

Determining the Final Price Before Gift Cards

I usually look for coupon codes from Ebates (My referral link - you don't need an account to search for coupon codes, but I would certainly appreciate it).

Here is what Ebates shows for Kmart

You can save $5 off a $45 purchase with coupon code KMARTMUST.  Other coupon codes might better if you are spending different amounts, but this is the best one for our order.  In order to save the most, I would need to buy them inn 3 separate orders to save $15 total.

At Kmart, I put 5 chairs in my shopping cart.  After the coupon code, the price goes to $102.23 after taxes.  Slightly more than $20 including taxes, but we are not done yet.

I will need to place another 3 orders so I will be spending $306.69

Discount Gift Cards

I check Gift Card Granny for the best prices on gift cards.  I tend to only buy the eGift Cards since I want them faster before prices change.  Currently, Raise has the best rates (8.85% off).

Start your Raise purchase from Top Cashback and get an extra 5% cash back as well. Go to Top Cashback first, then go to the regular Raise website from Top Cashback.

I would want to buy about $300 of gift cards (I try not to put more than the purchase price so that I don't have to keep track of the extra money).

I am able right now to buy 3 $100 gift cards for $273.67

Buying the Item

I check Cashback Monitor to see which shopping portal gives the greatest percentage back.  Right now, the highest cashback is 5% from Discover Deals (requires a Discover Credit Card) or from ExtraBux, which can be used with any credit card.

Therefore, when you buy the item with your gift cards, you should get another 5% cashback.  I already received an email from Discover that my cashback will be awarded to my account.

In addition, don't forget to sign up for Shop Your Way Rewards to get another 1% of your purchase towards your next Kmart/Sears purchase.

The Final Tally

The items would cost $319.50 including tax without any coupon codes or deals.

Coupon codes - Final price $306.69 or $12.81 off
Gift Cards - Final price $273.67 for $300 of gift cards or $26.33 off
Top Cashback for Raise - 5% off $273.67 or $13.68 off
Discover Deals/ExtraBux - 5% cashback from $306.69 or $15.33 back
Shop Your Way Rewards - 1% back from $306.69 or $3.06 towards your next purchase

 That's a total of $68.15 back (21.3% off) and $3.06 towards your next purchase.

Final price is $251.35 or $16.76 per chair.  Under budget and not too shabby!

Personally, I am still waiting on the Top Cashback money through Raise.  I have lodged a ticket for missing cashback, hopefully that will come through soon.