Tuesday, December 9, 2014

$30 off $300 at Best Buy with American Express - Targeted

Check out the link here to see if you can register for an offer for $30 off a $300 purchase from Best Buy with your American Express card.

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Update: 12/11/14 -  I went to Best Buy and found Visa Gift Cards and the manager told me that he hasn't seen them in a while and he thought they stopped selling them.  He tried to ring me up and the cards would not scan into the system even though they say Best Buy Visa Gift Card.  Then I looked for Amazon Gift Cards and it seemed that they stopped selling those as well!  I guess you have to actually buy merchandise, oh well.

What you can buy from Best Buy:
- Electronics
- Amazon Gift Cards - Usually in the form of Kindle Gift Cards, which can be used for anything on Amazon
- Visa Gift Cards - $200 variable load cards.  Try to buy 3 and split the payment among two American Express cards.

$300 can be reached on multiple purchases as long as it is before 12/31/2014.  I have successfully registered the first two cards I have tried.

For every $250 you spend at Best Buy you will also get a $5 Best Buy gift card if you are a Best Buy Reward Zone member, which is free to join.  The $5 gift certificates can be used to buy Amazon gift cards.