Sunday, November 16, 2014

Registration Open for Small Business Saturday!

You can register now for Small Business Saturday.

Every eligible American Express credit card can get up to $30 of statement credits for free.

The credits are in $10 increments so you need to spend $10 on each card 3 times to take full advantage.  If you spend $30 once you will only get $10.

I have always used my cards to get gift cards to one store.  The gift cards can then be combined later.

This year, Small Business Saturday is November 29th 2014.   A limited number of cards can be registered so you don't want to wait too long after today to register

  • Every American Express credit card that has a separate 15 digit account number on the front can be registered separately.   
    • Authorized users from credit card accounts that are processed by American Express and issued by American Express have a separate account number on the front and the authorized user card can be registered for a separate $30. Just look at the front of your Authorized user and you will see a different 15 digit number than the primary. 
    • Authorizes users from credit card accounts that are processed by American Express, but are issued by another company will have the same 15 digit account number as the primary and are not eligible for a separate promotion.
  • Prepaid and Gift cards do not work for these promotions, except Serve and Bluebird (Bluebird added this year)
    • Serve allows for up to 4 subaccounts which should also be eligible.
  • Personal business cards are eligible, but corporate cards are not.