Monday, November 24, 2014

Kosher Small Business Saturday Ideas

I currently have 57 American Express cards that are registered for Small Business Saturday and I hope to have 59 by the time Small Business Saturday rolls around.  That's $1,770 to spend this Saturday Night.  Besides my plan to donate 10% of my merchandise to charity (merchandise the charity would want), I need to start finding places to spend that amount of money in one night.

Where can the Kosher consumer go this Saturday night to spend money?  Ideally, it should be a place you would go to anyway that sells gift cards/certificates so that you don't have to spend all the money in one night.

I live in Teaneck, so this list is going to focus on Teaneck.  If you know of kosher places that are participating, please email me a link or an email that shows they are participating.

I have emailed the Teaneck stores to see if you can email them your credit card information ahead of time  so that you don't have to walk into the store.  Some have responded and others have not.  I will update as responses come in.

Here is a sample of what you should send to those participating via email

Name Account Number  Expiration Security Code        Address        Phone number
Oren   123 45678 9012       01/15       4567          123 Anywhere st.    123-456-7890
Oren   234 65789 1234       02/16       7654          234 Wherever st.     123-456-7890

All of these stores are on the Small Business Saturday map.  This doesn't mean they are open this Saturday night, but I assume they will be.

Seforim For Everyone

Tuvia's in Monsey -  Call 845-426-0824 to place your order 

Eichler's - email with your credit card information and they will give you an Eichler's gift card to be used that night or a different night.


Grand and Essex - Kosher Grocery Store - confirmed over the phone that they are participating and you can buy gift cards.
Cedar Market - Kosher Grocery Store.  Link confirms participation.
Glatt Express - Kosher Grocery Store. 
Dougie's -  email your email credit card information to before Friday at 12pm.
Nobo - Steakhouse - Email credit card information to 
ETC - Steakhouse - 
Sammy's Pizza and Bagels
EJ's Pizza
Sushi Metsuyan
Mocha Bleu
Noah's Ark - Must come in to the store with your credit cardson Saturday night to order gift cards

Five Towns

Judaica Plus
Z. Berman Books
Wok Tov
Sushi Mesuyan
Carlos & Gabby's
Pious Pizza
Oh Nuts
Yali Wig's 
Cherel's Hats


Carlos and Gabby's - email credit card information to or between now and Friday.  Carlos and Gabby's will add $6 to every $30 of gift cards you buy.


Purple Pear
Kosher Castle
Yossi's Bagels
Zishe's Homemade Bakery
Monsey Shoes
The Ridge Steak and Sushi

Kew Garden Hills

Seasons - Kosher Grocery Store
Aaron's Kissena Farms - Kosher Grocery Store
Grill Point
Shimon's PIzza
Sushi Mesuyan
Carlos & Gabby's
Benji's Pizza
Hapisgah Steakhouse
Wasserman's Supermarker
Eshet Chayil


Jerusalem Pizza Falafel
Z. Berman Books


Z. Berman Books
Chap a Nosh
Carlos & Gabby's
Sushi Tokyo
Olympic Pita
Essen New York Deli
Prestige Shoes
The Living Torah Museum


Bagel Nosh
Pizza Plus
Four Corners Bagel and Cafe
Hot Box
Prestige Shoe

Thank you SW for helping me compile this list last year


Anon follower said...

What do you use for all the AUs (aside from you/wife) and how many AUs per card?

Oren said...

I add myself and my wife multiple times per card. Check out these posts.

Zman said...

Did you Grand and Essex say they would accept cc's via email?

Zman said...

forget it; Grand & Essex just emailed me saying they're not open.

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