Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Extra $6 at Carlos and Gabby's Riverdale - Small Business Saturday

Carlos and Gabby's is one of my favorite fast food places.  All Carlos and Gabby's locations are participating in Small Business Saturday, but the location in Riverdale is offering a special deal for Small Business Saturday.

For every American Express card that you bring to Carlos and Gabby's on Saturday night, they will charge the card $10 x 3 times and you will receive a $36 gift card instead of $30.  American Express will then reimburse your $30.

In addition, if you don't want to come into the store, you can email your credit card information to or and they will charge the cards based on your email.  You will get the same deal by email.  Please email by Friday.

Here is a sample of what you should send

Name Account Number  Expiration Security Code        Address        Phone number
Oren   123 45678 9012       01/15       4567          123 Anywhere st.    123-456-7890
Oren   234 65789 1234       02/16       7654          234 Wherever st.     123-456-7890

- Carlos and Gabby's gift cards do not expire.  
- Gift cards for Carlos and Gabby's Riverdale can only be used at the Riverdale location.

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Anonymous said...

Called before SBS and gave them all my card details and they did not charge my card?

Oren said...

I'm sorry to hear that and that's really annoying. Try to call or email and see if they will compensate you in some way. Things happen and I'm sure it was very crazy last night like it was everywhere else.

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