Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bluebird - 10% Cashback on $150 - Targeted

If you still have a Bluebird Prepaid Account, check your email for an offer from them.  You are only eligible if you received an email.

A friend got an offer for $15 cashback if he spends $75 twice ($150 minimum in total) by November 22, 2014.  That's 10% cashback on the $150.


Eligible purchase transactions do not include (1) purchase transactions at parking lots, garages and transit providers (e.g., ferries, railroads, subways, trolleys and buses), (2) attempted purchase transactions using your Account that are not completed for any reason (including as a result of an inoperable payment terminal), and (3) payment of fees that appear on Bluebird Account statement. 

Thank you SW for the tip!