Tuesday, October 7, 2014

American Express Promotions - Add Subaccounts to Serve Easily for Extra Free Money

Outside of adding Authorized Users to your existing American Express accounts, signing up for Serve and adding up to 4 subacccounts for each account you have is the easiest way to take advantage of American Express promotions.

A couple of issues that make it tougher

  • Subaccounts require a new phone number for each one
  • Subaccounts require a new email address for each one
  • Subaccounts require a name on the front of the card

Serve subaccounts require a new phone number

Easy work around:
Serve asks what type of phone number it is (home, cell, work etc.).  One of the options is "other".  If you choose other, you can use the same phone number for every subaccount.

Serve subaccounts also require a new email address. 

There is a trick that works for this too so that you don't need extra email addresses.  If my email address is orensmoneysaver@gmail.com, I can make a quick change that gives me a new email address.  If you were to email orens.moneysaver@gmail.com, the email goes to the same email address.  I you email orensmoney.saver@gmail.com, the email goes to the same email address.  If you email o.rensmoneysaver@gmail.com, the email goes to the same email address, etc.
Even though orens.moneysaver@gmail.com goes to the same destination as orensmoneysaver@gmail.com, Serve thinks you have used a new email address so you can sign up for multiple Serve accounts with just one email destination and you don't have to sign up for more accounts.  When you login to Serve, you will have to login as orens.moneysaver@gmail.com for that subaccount

Serve subaccounts require a name on the front of the card

Multiple solutions:
1) You don't anything except a name.  You can sign up a spouse, a father, a brother, a friend etc.  No social security number, no birthdate needed.  No credit check
2) You can put your name down for subaccounts.  I think it is less risky to do #1, but this will work and I have done it.

Each serve card and subaccount will be worth $30 towards Small Business Saturday so you can get $150 per account if you add 4 subaccounts.  I think it is well worth the effort for something that should continue to work in the future as well.