Tuesday, July 15, 2014

7-11 is Still a Gas Station!

My wife and I are on vacation with our two sons, currently in San Francisco.  We rented a car yesterday to spend the day in Monterey.  I highly recommend Monterey for their Aquarium, beautiful views of 17 mile drive and Dennis the Menace Playground if you have kids.

When we were back in San Francisco, we wanted to fill the gas tank back up to not pay the $9 a gallon price for having them do it yourself.  We searched our GPS for local gas stations and three 7-11's came up.  I had already seen these 7-11's and I knew that you couldn't get gas there, but I highly pleased to know that even the GPS thinks that 7-11 is a gas station.

7-11 is still a Gas Station!

Since Visa think that 7-11 is a gas station, you are able to get 5% there until the end of September (up to $1,500 of purchases), including on $500 Visa Gift cards.

In other news, Chase Freedom now breaks down how many points you get for each transaction, which allows you to easily see whether a purchase qualifies for a 5% category bonus. The picture at the beginning of the post is from my Chase Freedom account.

Not every 7-11 is considered a Gas Station so make a small purchase and see how many points you get the purchase is categorized under "Track It."

NoteAmerican Express seems to code some 7-11's as grocery stores so if you have an American Express Blue Preferred and can't find $500 Visa Gift Cards at a Grocery stores, this is a good option to look into.  First buy a little and see how it is coded.