Saturday, July 5, 2014

$10 off $200 American Express Gift Cards

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback

I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore American Express Gift Cards since I have so many already.  I was being really good.  Now, American Express is now offering a $10 off a $200 American Express Gift Card when you pay with an American Express Credit Card.  I folded.  This deal is too good and expires at the end of July.  I'll try to limit myself to about 6 or 7.

In addition, you can get up to 3% back from Top Cashback until tomorrow for a total of $16 cashback before any cashback from your credit card.  

There is a $4 fee for a $200 gift card so you will get 6% after fees off the $200 gift card.  If you have a Fidelity American Express you will get another 2% off.

You can sign up for a trial of 3 months of free shipping to save on that.

There are multiple ways to enroll in this offer:

  • Sync your Twitter Account with your American Express credit card
  • Tweet #AmexGiftCard 
  • Click @connect to confirm you have been enrolled
  • Spend the money on your connected card

You can have Twitter accounts under multiple names (pseudonames are allowed in Twitter) and you can connect a different card to each account.

You can keep records of which card is linked to which account to make it easier. I send myself an email.

2) American Express Offers For You

Check on if one or more of your American Express cards have this offer.

If you have the offer on multiple cards, don't connect it to one of the cards right away.  Open up in separate tabs and get the offer open on all of your cards, then click on the offer for all the cards.  If you don't do this, the offer will disappear from your other cards one you click on it once.

I already confirmed that you can get the $10 credit and the money from Top Cashback.  Tonight I tried an order that included a coupon code to see if I can get the fee waived as well.  I already got the confirmation email for the $10, but we will see about Top Cashback since American Express may be cracking down on using coupon codes and getting cashback.