Tuesday, June 10, 2014

$20 at Sears for $1 to new Top Cashback Members

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There is a Groupon deal going on now that gives you $20 worth of Sears merchandise for $10.

If you are a new member to Top Cashback, Top Cashback will give you $9 for buying the groupon so your effective price goes down to $1 for $20 at Sears.

Sign up for Top Cashback here.  You can also sign up for your spouses who don't have Top Cashback to be eligible even if you aren't eligible.  If you refer them, you'll get $10 too

- Can't be used until June 13th
- Expires August 31st
- The groupon can only be used in store
- New member of Top Cashback is defined by whether you have ever had a transaction that posted to them, not when you start your membership.
- Only valid if you are buying just this Groupon.  If you want to buy another groupon, buy it in another transaction.

Don't have a groupon account?  Sign up here for free

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