Friday, May 16, 2014

No More Shop Discover Money for Visa Gift Cards at Staples?

I got an email from a friend who said:

Cashback from discover was for .08, (added garbage item)  so it seems "gift certificates" is for real this time. 
It was great while it lasted, but I guess discover is not interested in footing the bill.

Basically, he bought a Visa Gift Card through Shop Discover and only got 5% cashback for the non gift card item.

I thought this might come, as it was earlier reported from Frequent Miler.

It was nice while it lasted.  As always, it's a game of Whack-A-Mole.  An opportunity comes up, we utilize it and then it gets shut down.  Something else lucrative will come up, I'm sure of it, just not sure when.  Meanwhile you can always buy American Express Gift Cards for 4.8% cashback everywhere with Fidelity American Express or even up to 6.4% cashback everywhere with Barclays Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard!

Thank you AR for the tip!  Anyone else have a similar experience?