Sunday, March 23, 2014

Walgreen's - Coupon Code Didn't Work? Ask for Discount in Person

In the past, I would use Snapfish for my picture printing needs.  I would load my pictures ahead of time and wait until a good coupon code came out and print all of the pictures I had saved for printing.

Snapfish gives you the option of shipping or picking up the pictures from Walgreen's.  The problem is that if you choose the option of pick up from Walgreen's, your coupon code is nullified.  You either need to pay for shipping or full price for the pictures.

Enter Walgreen's.  Instead of uploading pictures, you can upload directly to Walgreen's website.  Walgreen's uses Snapfish's software so you don't even need to get used to a new system. They post their coupon codes directly onto their site, (for example right now you can save 40% off a $10+ order with code PRINTS2LARGE).  The best part is that you can pick up your photos with no shipping and the coupon code will still work.

Every once in a while a coupon code doesn't work.  This happened to me last Saturday night.  When I got to Walgreen's I asked politely, "I tried to use a coupon code online that I saw on the Walgreen's website and it said it doesn't work. Is there any way that you can add the coupon manually?"  He asked me how much it was, I told him 30% and he instantly took a couple dollars off.

I am not gutsy enough to demand the discount to be added, but I have enough guts to ask for the discount I know that I was supposed to get.  Usually, if you ask nicely, they will happily give it to you.

Do other people use different photo companies?  Anything really good and cheap I should look into?  Leave a comment if you have a suggestion.