Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Staples Plink Rewards Expiring in One Week!

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Update: Plink is no longer giving rewards for Staples purchases.

Unfortunately, when I logged into my Plink account tonight I saw an ominous sign on the Staples rewards that said "Expiring Soon."  I clicked on it to see that the reward is expiring 3/11/2014, which is just one week away!

Plink gives you 50 points for spending $15, 125 points for spending $30 and 300 points for spending $60 at Staples.  500 points can be used to get an $5 Amazon gift cards so this was a very generous offer.  This will also change the calculus of buying Visa Gift Cards at Staples.

Hopefully the offer will be renewed at some point, but it look like some bad news for the time being.