Sunday, March 2, 2014

iTunes and American Express - $5 off $5+ Purchase

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site:  Top Cashback and Itunes

As I have mentioned numerous times, American Express often runs promotions through their online site.  Just go to the bottom of the main site to the section that says "Offers for You" to see which offers you are eligible for.

Right now, I have the following offer on 4 of my cards.

$5 off a $5+ purchase from iTunes.  You need to spend the $5 by 4/30/2014

If you have the Offer on Multiple Cards

1) Normally, one you click on the offer from American Express it will be added to that card and the offer will stop showing up on another cards connected to that account.

There is a trick for this:  Log in to your American Express account from multiple tabs and open the "Offers for You" from each tab on every card the offer is eligible for before you add the offer to any specific cards of. You can now add the offer to each card.

2) Start your iTunes purchase from Top Cashback and you will get another 7% cashback into your Top Cashback account. So, yeah, you will actually be making a couple of cents while getting some free songs/TV shows/Movies.

3) You can alternatively get 4x Ultimate Rewards points if you use Chase's Ultimate Rewards shopping portal, but if something doesn't post correctly you will have a bear of a time trying to get them to add the points since you aren't using a Chase card.  Proceed with caution.  I would personally prefer 7% over 4x points, especially considering you aren't using a Chase card but to each their own.