Monday, March 10, 2014

Combine and Upgrade Your Target eGift Cards

I Love and Hate Gift Cards

I hate gift cards because they are just plain annoying.  You have to make sure to have them available for that time when you might use them only to remember when you came home that you forgot to use it anyways.  My wallet is too big as it is before any gift cards and it's another thing to keep track of.

I also love gift cards.  I would venture to say that most of the deals I post involve a gift card at some stage, sometimes multiple gift cards.  The reasons are multifaceted but in its most basic form everyone else hates gift cards even more than I do so they can be bought at a discount, sometimes at deep discounts.

Target Gift Cards

Target is my favorite merchants gift card to buy.  Between Target brand diapers, wipes and formula, my family spends a lot of money at Target on a regular basis.  When you buy a gift card from Target you can actually combine multiple discounts (See - Maximizing Spending at Target).

There are two problems with buying gift cards online from a site like that sells discounted gift cards.

  1. seems to only exclusively sell Target eGift cards.  These gift cards cannot be used in store unless you have a Smart Phone (which, of course, I don't).
  2. The person who sold the gift card retains the gift card information.  You just needs the numbers to use it.
    1. and most discount gift card sites offer a short term guarantee that the money will still be on the card.  The guarantee is usually 60-100 days.  Here is the link for the guarantee from Raise (60 days).

Upgrading Target Gift Card to Another Target Gift Card

What happens if the 60 day guarantee is running out and you don't want to use your gift card yet?  You can upgrade your gift card.  Buy a physical gift card with your eGift card.  You can now use the gift card online or in store and no one can else can use it because it has new numbers.  It's a simple solution for one of life's most vexing problems.