Thursday, March 27, 2014

$150 for Citizens Bank Checking Account - No Direct Deposit Required

Update: As pointed out by a commentator, you will get a hard credit pull for opening this account.  This can affect your credit score and ability to open new credit cards in the short term.

There are often bonuses available for opening new checking accounts, but most of them require direct deposit.  I assume that most people are not interested in constantly going to HR to change where their Direct Deposit is going so I don't post them.  Here is one that doesn't require Direct Deposit.

$150 Bonus for opening a Citizen's Bank Checking Account.  Here are the requirements:

  1. Register online
  2. Open your first new One Deposit Checking account or other first new personal checking account by 3/31/14
  3. Make an additional deposit (excluding the opening deposit) OR five qualifying debit card payments or purchases by 5/31/14
  4. Get $150, which will be deposited in your account by 7/31/2014

A One Deposit Checking account requires a minimum of $25 to open.  In addition, there is no monthly fee as long as you make one deposit each month.  There is no minimum as to how much you must deposit.

The terms and conditions don't seem a mention any penalties for withdrawing the money after 7/31/2014 so I assume that's when you can close the account without penalies, but I don't know.