Monday, February 17, 2014

HP Laptop Accessory Bundle $2.66 from Living Social and Staples!

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I would hurry on this one!

HP Laptop Accessory Bundle $2.66 from Staples and Living Social - Normally over $100!

Includes a Laptop 15.6 inch sleeve, wireless mouse, Noise canceling headphones and a 16GB flashdrive!

In the end, you will spend $23.99 for a $30 Staples gift card.  Then you can use $2.66 of that for the HP bundle worth over $100.

Here is how to pull some moves.

Buy this Living Social deal.  You will get a $30 Staples gift card for $30 and you will get a coupon code that will take $80 off the price of the laptop accessories kit.

Use coupon code 2014PRESDAY for another $6 off the deal (you are actually going to make money after the deal is all said and done if you consider a Staples gift card to be like cash as it can be used on a Visa Gift Card)

Go back to Staples to the page for the kit.  The price will be $109.99.  Don't put the product in your cart unless you see something that says "Save an extra $27 off your order in the next 20 minutes."  If you don't see it, keep refreshing your browser until it comes up.  Here is a picture of what it looks like except this one is for $14 off.

Once you see that deal, add it to your card.  The $80 living social coupon code will still work and your final price will be $2.66 after tax.  You can partially use the eGift card you just got or you can use whatever form of payment you want.