Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ally Money Market Account - No ATM Fees with Interest!

Ally Bank has a Money Market Account which givens an impressive 0.85% interest rate (I can't believe I called that impressive) and has free checks so it acts as a checking account as well. In addition, they have some other features that make it one of the best accounts available right now.

Here is the breakdown:

- 0.85% interest rate - This is variable so the rate can change with time.
- Free checks
- No ATM Fees and they reimburse any ATM fees that other institutions place on you.  You can go to any ATM for free.
- No account minimums and no monthly fees.

If you are paying ATM fees you should seriously think about switching for this convenience.  I don't pay ATM fees through Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking (lower interest rate) and I love not needing to plan going to the ATM.

Thank you MK for the tip!

Anyone else have a checking account they think is better?  Post a comment.