Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Bill Pay with a Visa Gift Card - Evolve Money

Evolve Money has come out recently with a free Bill Pay service.  You can pay with ReLoad It cards that can be bought with cash or credit card at various stores or with a Debit Card.  The great thing is that Visa Gift Cards are officially considered Debit cards and are accepted as a payment option.

This is a great way to unload your Visa Gift Cards for free to pay companies that otherwise would not accept credit cards or only for a fee

They have lots of great companies to pay bills to.  For myself, I was able to pay my Electric and Gas Bill (PSE&G) and my car lease (Honda Financial).  They also have Time Warner Cable, Cable Vision and all the major Cell Phone Companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.  Go to this link to look up the companies you would like to pay.

Unfortunately, major credit card companies are not on this list so you can't pay them, but certain department store credit cards are, like the Target Red Card.

I paid some bills on Sunday and they already posted without any fees whatesoever.  They are even waving the $1.50 fee for same day bill pay until mid February.

You can see from the PSE&G website that the $499 payment went through and I now have a credit.

There is a max of $1,000 a day, but that's actually pretty high in my opinion.

A Word of Caution

I don't really get the business model.  How are they making money?  I'm a little skeptical and wary to go all out on this, but it seems pretty good right now.  It could be they charge a small fee from the companies, but I'm not sure.

They have Bank Level Encryption so it should be safe, but who knows.

Also, some people on these sites talk about "paying" a 529 plan in order to withdraw the money.  Don't do it unless you fully understand the tax implications of doing such and are not afraid of the IRS possibly getting upset about it.

Note: make sure to wait at least 6 minutes when you try to pay the same company with two different cards.  If you don't, the payment will fail and the money will be temporarily on hold from your prepaid card or Visa Gift Card.  The money may automatically go back on or you may have to speak to your card's provider to release it.

You can find out more information from Fat Wallet and Flyer Talk Forums