Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Simple Methods I use Frequently to Save/Earn Money

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Here is a list of the methods I use on a regular basis that are not too complicated and don't require as much time as most things I talk about.  There are lots more, but these are the easiest and the most frequent.  Almost none of these actually require me to get off my lazy tuchus.

1) Online Shopping Portals - I like to keep it simple so I don't use too many.  Usually the ones I use are Top Cashback, Ebates, Shop Discover (needs a Discover it® card)and Ultimate Rewards (needs a Chase card that gets Ultimate Rewards - like Freedom and Sapphire).  Before any purchase online, I will check Cash Back Monitor to see which one is the best for that purchase.

2) Discount Gift Cards - Instead of buying items directly, I usually buy a gift card at a discount to pay for it.  Raise and Cardpool (after starting at Top Cashback) are some of my go to's, but I usually check out to see what's the best deal out there.

After I buy the gift card I still usually go back to Top Cashback before the purchase of the actual merchandise as a "double dip" is usually successful.

3) Target Gift Cards -  Specifically with Target, I always use a gift card.  As long as I am logged into my account online that is connected to my Red Card I will get all the benefits of the Red Card and stack my savings.  See this post for more info.

4) Using the Right Credit Cards - questionable if this is easy.  This is where the most savings comes for me, but also the most mental energy.  I am constantly thinking about which is the best credit card.  My mantra is, "Maybe I can be doing better."  Check out this post to figure out which cards are the best for you.

5) Bank of America Better Balance Rewards - This card is a no brainer.  I get $120 for me and $120 for my wife's card without doing anything.  All you do is have one recurring bill automatically paid by the card and the credit card bill automatically paid from your checking account and you will get $25 a quarter.  Another $5 each quarter if you have a Bank of America checking account as well for $30 per quarter.  
A word of caution - make sure your rewards go into a separate account and not as a credit into the credit card.  I got a credit and one month my bill was negative and I wasn't eligible for the $30 at the end of the quarter.  Bummer!
Check out this post for more info.

Anyone else have super easy ways to save real money?  Am I missing anything?  Comment below


vos iz goshien said...

First of all, having some problems with serve; stick with bluebird. Second, staples has weekly rebates for free paper. Sometimes single reams, other times a box or like today a pack of 5 reams. It's quite simple- search staples coupons on google, you'll get a coupon code for it to be free after rebate. Pick up 2 of them: get 200 ink points after you charge 40 bucks. Fill out the rebates and wallah: 10 reams of paper for free! (This is assuming you need paper of course).

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