Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Free Money Roundup - A Year In Review

Disclaimer: I do not receive a referral fee for any of the links below with the following exceptions: Top Cashback and Betterment

2013 has been a lucrative year for me and my wife in regards to getting extra Free Money (though she would rather not know how I accomplished it for plausible deniability - kidding of course).  The opportunities have been in great abundance and also very lucrative this year!

I am aware that this is not actually free money.  Time and work are involved and everyone has to make their own calculation whether a deal is worth it to them

I don't write this to gloat, rather to show everyone what I've done so that you can try and replicate the same thing yourself in the future.  Obviously, you can pick and choose which ones you think are worth it and which ones are not.  Some you can still do now and some are dead deals, but new ones are always popping up, but you usually need to jump on them to get full value.

Instructions in how to leverage each deal are found at the provided links.


      $300 in rewards and $47.40 in fees is a total haul of $252.60 over 3 months for the Citi Dividend


$240 - Bank of America Better Balance Rewards Card - $240 free every year between me and my wife


$100 - Chase Gift cards - Chase started selling $500 gift cards with no fees, but you still got points for them. Unfortunately, this ended - 10,000 free points - approximately - which comes out to at least $100

$167 - There was one day recently where you could get 2.5% back on a purchase $3,000 of american express gift cards ($75).  The next week, I used the $3,000 to buy 3 Visa gift cards of $993 dollars each (accounts for the fees) and got another 2% back ($60).  Add 2% from Fidelity American Express ($60) and you get $195 in rewards and $27.95 of fees  for a net profit of $167.



$100 - $10 off $200 visa gift cards at Office Max - I bought about $4,000 worth of them.  A haul of $60 and 4,000 points, together worth at least $100.


$135 - Vanilla Reloads at 7-11 - Vanilla Reloads were available for purchase via credit card and counted as gas purchases for Chase Freedom and Discover.  Together that was worth about $135.


~$200 - $30 off $150 purchase at Shop Rite - I have a lot of American Express cards.



$70 - American Express and BP - $5 off $25 at the pump.  I did a lot of $25 refuels
$210 of free Merchandise - Small Business Saturday.
$400 - Signed up for checking and Savings account for my wife  ($200 each) - New bonus is now $75


Grand Total = $2565 of free money and free merchandise

This does not include any sign up bonuses for credit cards, of which there were many.
This is more of a sampling than anything else.  It doesn't include everything because I can't remember everything and I'm a little lazy too.  I will try to catalog as I go a little better this year.


LA2NYC said...

1) For the $167 in April, how'd you buy the Visa GCs with the Amex GCs?

2) How do you/did you cash out the Amex GCs that you bought in Dec? I assume you bought 5K...

Oren said...

1) I registered them in my name. I bought $3,000 ones so that it would cover the entire cost of the visa gift cards because you can't split payment
2) I actually never bought them. My multiple orders were cancelled for some reason, but I still got money from Top Cashback. I would have used Amazon Payments over time.

LA2NYC said...

Any chance you can do a post on ordering free money from Top CashBack? :p

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