Wednesday, January 8, 2014

11-16% off at Lowe's

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: Top Cashback, Raise is now offering Lowe's gift cards for 10% off.

Start your shopping from Top Cashback and you'll get an additional 1% cashback into your account for a total of 11% off.  I have been use Top cashback since November of 2012 and I already have over $500 in my account for shopping I would be doing anyway.

If you are a new customer you can use coupon code RAISE60AF and save $5 off $60.  

In addition, as I explained a while back, you can use your Lowe's gift card to double dip by using the following method:

1) Start your actual shopping for Lowe's at one of the shopping portals.

2 ) Start off by buying gift cards worth slightly less than your final price.  For example, if you expect to spend $124 at Lowe's, buy a $120 gift card.  This makes sure you don't end up with a gift card with a small balance you have to remember about later.  In addition, you will be forced to pay the balance of the purchase on a credit card.  Pay for the items with your discounted gift cards.

3) As long as some of the purchase is with a credit card, you should qualify for additional money or cashback via the shopping portal.

Lots of gift card and shopping portal experiments can be found at the Frequent Miler Labs.  Check it out.

Current Best Shopping Portals for Lowe's - You can check for yourself here at Cashback Monitor

Shop Discover - 5% - You must have a Discover Card to use it.
Ultimate Rewards - 3x points per dollar spent - Must have a Chase Card that gets Ultimate Rewards Point (Freedom, Sapphire, Ink series)
AAdvantage Shopping - 3x miles per dollar spent.  Must have American Airlines Frequent Flyer Account

You can also buy Lowe's gift cards that can only be used in store for 12.5% off after Top Cashback, but I don't recommend it because then you can't do the double dip with the shopping portals.

Note: Keep in mind that Raise sells gift cards sold to them by individuals.  They don't usually have a large stock of any one card and prices are changing constantly based on what is sold to them and what is bought.