Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OrensMoneySaver.com is coming back!

As many of you have noticed, the site has recently changed from orensmoneysaver.com to orensmoneysaver.net

It's been pretty frustrating because readership went down from over 500 page views a day to closer to 50 even after a week.

This all happened because I was unable to renew the domain name through Google (a long story) so I bought the domain orensmoneysaver.net

Meanwhile, orensmoneysaver.com was being sold on auction for the last week.  Today was the final day and I had the winning bid (there were two other bidders - I assume people looking to make a quick buck on flipping the domain or the owner of Oren's Daily Roast, not sure).

It will take until 12/18 before the domain is fully transferred to me.  After that, it will take some time to implement the domain switch, but stay tuned.  I will own both orensmoneysaver.com and orensmoneysaver.net so orensmoneysaver.net will automatically redirect you back to orensmoneysaver.com once everything is implemented.

Thanks for all of your patience.


Shloime said...

Wait, so now you own Orensmoneysaver.com, .net AND Oren's daily roast? how do you have time for all that?

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