Saturday, December 21, 2013

Need to Make Many Small Transactions? Amazon eGift Cards to the Rescue!

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Here is a small tip that can be pretty helpful.

There are some bonuses that require you to either make a certain number of purchases before you get the bonus or to make a certain number of purchases a month in order for it to stay free.

One example is the Capital One 360 Checking account which required you to make 5 purchases in the first 45 days on their debit card to the bonus.  If you signed up for your spouse as well, that means you have to make 10 purchases, which can be annoying.

Whatever shall you do?

Amazon eGift Cards are the perfect solution!

Amazon eGift cards can be bought at denominations as low as $0.15.  You can buy 5 of them for $0.75 or 10 for $1.50.  You add the gift cards to your Amazon account so there is almost no money outlay and there is also very little time commitment.