Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free 2 Day Shipping by Mastercard

Mastercard is offering free 2 day shipping to select retailers from now to the End of May.

Free 2 day shipping is from,,, and

You will get a statement credit of up to $20 per purchase on 2 day shipping for a maximum of $500 for the 6 months

You can pay $69 for the year and extend the free shipping to Nordstrom, Target, Gap, Sephora and Shutterfly.

Offer not valid Iowa.  Sorry guys.

It is a little annoying to get your money.  Here is how to do it:

1) Sign in to
2) Click on the Store you want to shop at and choose 2 day shipping.  You have to pay for the entire purchase with your Mastercard, no gift cards.
3) Email your confirmation to and you will get your credits.

Thank you AS for the tip!

Please note:  I couldn't find anything about having to pay after 6 months.  Either you just lose your subscription or you will automatically be enrolled in paying for it.  Be aware of that so be on top of canceling right before the 6 months are up.

You can also get a 1 year subscription to ShopRunner from American Express for Free.